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    Safety Mats for Your HealthCare Facility


    Does your nursing home or assisted living facility offer outdoor areas for guests and patients? If so, you can add an outdoor safety deck, or mats, as a way to boost the appeal and usefulness of your facility grounds.

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    Uses for Safety Mats in Your Restaurant


    The introduction of safety mats in your restaurant provides a safer and cleaner environment for both your patrons and your employees. The information below educates you on the most important places you want to have safety mats installed in your restaurant and why safety mats are so important.

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    Does Your Commercial Building Require ADA-Compliant Safety Matting?


    The Americans With Disabilities Act sets guidelines, standards, and regulations regarding the fair and equal treatment of people with disabilities. For some establishments, these standards are only recommendations. However, for most other commercial buildings, these standards are mandatory. Here is what you need to know about ADA compliance and safety mats.

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