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    4 Ways To Convert Sunrooms Into Safe Playrooms For Toddlers


    Having a sunroom on your home adds a lot of extra living space. People use these rooms as a sitting area, exercise room, or as an extra living room. If you have small children living in the home, it may be a good idea to convert a sunroom into a playroom for toddlers.
    The playroom can offer plenty of light, an ideal setting to be messy, and a great way for a child to explore and have fun. Before you begin moving toys and other items into the room, it's important to plan things ahead of time.
    Learning about the safety features and design elements of the room can help you fully establish how you want to set up the room and execute the design. Browse through this guide to get some tips and help start the brainstorming process.

    Play Mats

    Sunroom floor surfaces may not offer the best cushioning for your children while they play. You can increase both the comfort and safety of a child with the installation of play mats.
    Interlocking play mats offer durability and extra cushion for a child looking to play and stay active for a lot of the day. When choosing play mats, you have the ability to create wall-to-wall coverage. This gives your child the comfort they need no matter where they are in the sunroom.
    The visuals of a play mat can also help transform a sunroom. Using play mat sections with a variety of color can really transform the room and provide fun pops of color. You can choose colors at random or pick specific colors for the mat sections.
    Once installed, play mats offer easy clean-ups, and the durability allows them to last through years and years of play.

    Aquatic Mats

    Sunrooms often act as an extra entrance to the home. If there is a door from the sunroom leading to the outside of the home, then you may have some extra foot traffic coming through the room each day.
    To help prevent mud, water, and other debris spreading through the room, you may want to consider using small sections of aquatic mats near the entryway of the playroom. These mats are soft and ideal for children to play on, but also offer extra features to help with foot traffic.
    The free-draining mats are designed for barefoot comfort and feature small holes in them to allow the water to drain through. The mats can be set up in a large section right near the entrance doors. Guests can either clear off their shoes there or remove their shoes on the aquatic mat before stepping into another part of the room.


    Staying organized is an important part of keeping a playroom clean. Hanging bins and containers will allow your child to completely organize their toys and have various places to put them.
    For example, you can hang netting in one of the corners of the room and use it to hold a collection of stuffed animals. A sunroom may not have a closet, so it's important to get creative while planning out different organizational options.

    Safety Equipment

    As you plan the conversion to a playroom, it's important to consider the safety of a child. A sunroom has many unique attributes that make safety a little different than the rest of the house.
    An increased amount of windows will likely need special locks on all of them. Any doorway leading to the outside should have extra locks and safety features installed on them to prevent a child from trying to leave. A door motion alarm could also be installed to provide audible alerts if your child is trying to get out or someone wants to come in.
    If you're interested in play mat or aquatic mat installation, then contact our professionals at Mat Factory. We can provide quick installations and custom orders to fit your flooring needs.