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    4 Ways to Use Safety Mats in Your Backyard

    Garden with patio area

    Safety mats offer grip and protection for all types of applications. In your own backyard, the use of safety mats can be applied to multiple applications. The mats work with all different types of yards and provide a durable surface lasting numerous years.

    In this blog, we will give you a better understanding of how the mats work and various ways to take advantage of their uses. Here are just some of the ways in which safety mats work well in a backyard.

    1. Children's Play Areas

    From swing sets to slides, many family homes have a backyard filled with playground equipment. No matter how safe playground equipment is, the ground below it is another story. Adding safety mats around a child's backyard playground comes with several benefits.

    For example, the mats add a soft grip so children do not slip or fall as they run around and play. The cushioning of the mats also provides extra protection if a child falls while playing on the equipment. And a built-in drainage system helps the mats dry faster so the children can play on the equipment safety after a rainstorm.

    Safety mats also come in a variety of different color options, so you can match playground equipment or fit your mats in with other themes.

    2. Swimming Pool Areas

    Safety mats can provide a lot of protection against injuries if you have a pool. One of the main uses and benefits of adding a safety mat around the exterior of a swimming pool is the ability to supply extra grip.

    The grip is especially helpful when a person is walking around the pool area with wet feet. The safety mats can line right up to the edges of the pool and are safe for putting over multiple types of surfaces, including grass, cement, and pavers. The drainage holes in the mats also help get debris off of feet so nothing drops into the pool and makes it dirty.

    3. Pet Areas

    If you have a pet kennel or specific area for your pet, safety mats can provide more comfort than the ground or a paved area. When covering up grass or dirt, the mats can prevent dogs from digging down into the lawn and creating a mess.

    If the mats become soiled, they can be easily hosed off with no persisting stains or lingering odors. Mat sizes can also extend as far out and wide as needed to provide your pet with enough space to roam around and explore various areas. And the mats link together so the rough play of a dog won't tear the mats apart or cause any issues.

    4. Garden Paths

    Another way to set up mats in your backyard is by using them to create garden paths. Garden paths provide you with clear sections around your garden. How you place your mats can prevent overgrowth and make it easy to pluck weeds that grow through the holes in the mat.

    Along with providing an ideal walking area, garden paths are ideal for any type of wheeled transportation including wheelchairs and bikes. On the soft ground, it can be hard for the wheels to get through, but they glide easily over the protective safety mats.

    The versatile size of the mats allows you to set them up in any way that you see fit as you create a custom garden trail. The mats can lead all the way back to your home or just be limited to the garden area.

    See our mat colors, sizes, and options available to you from Mat Factory. We can plan an order to fit your needs and provide you with all types of backyard applications.