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    ADA – stands for ‘American Disabilities Act’, which states that it is unlawful to discriminate an individual on the basis of their disability and that they are fully eligible to be employed by the public and private sector companies. The law is considered as a landmark civil rights victory in American history. A revolutionary piece of legislation, the ADA bestows equity to the growing number of disabled persons in the population of the United States and breaks barriers to employment, which is usually encountered by many Americans with disabilities.
    Why is it important to invest in matting that is ADA-compliant?
    The low profile of the floor mats – ADA compliant mats have a low profile. Measured by its height, the profile of a mat ideally refers to its raised distance from the ground. With an exceptionally low profile, disabled individuals with mobility devices find it easier to move around them. There is a minimal tripping hazard in heavily trafficked areas and the spaces can be kept clean and dry. Installing the ADA mat enhances the usage of the overall facility.
    An inexpensive option – If you are thinking that ADA compliance is pricey, then you are in for a surprise. Where it may be costly to adjust huge infrastructures to suit accessibility and convenience, ADA-compliant floor mats are extremely cost-effective and safe. You do not have to invest in extra safety products. The safety mats help in controlling the accumulation of debris in major entry and exit points. When you invest in ADA-compliant mats, you are investing in a higher degree of safety.
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