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    Disability Access Benefits National Parks and Park Visitors

    The United States has many national parks devoted to preserving the landscape of America. Protecting nature so that everyone can continue to enjoy the uniqueness of different natural environments is important. These parks must be available to as many people as possible which is why the parks are tasked with making these locations accessible to people with disabilities.

    How Accessibility is Being Achieved

    In addition to parking access, accessible restrooms and wheelchair ramps, many parks are creating accessible trails and paths as well. Raised boardwalks have long been popular for allowing easier access to walking trails and nature paths, and new options such as ADA compliant mats constructed from recycled materials are also being used.

    The Benefits of Accessibility

    Rather than distracting from or harming the natural atmosphere of the parks, accessible walkways are providing benefits to all visitors, abled and disabled alike:
    • They protect delicate soil, grasses and other natural features
    • They ensure visitors follow a safe path through the park
    • They prevent visitors from becoming lost in an unfamiliar environment
    • They allow easier access for wheelchairs and other assistive devices
    The unique landscapes of America’s National Parks should be accessible to as many people as possible. To learn more about how this is being accomplished, call Mat Factory, Inc. at 323-254-6165.