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    Effective Ways to Use Safety Mats in Basements

    Many home basements are built on a foundation made with a flat cement floor. The hard surface is not ideal for utilizing the basement, but people choose to convert the rooms in a number of ways. Add an extra layer of protection to your home's basement floors with the installation of safety mats.
    Interlocking safety mats provide proper floor protection and grip in a basement area. When considering converting your basement for various uses, you may choose to use this flooring option in numerous ways. Learn about the various ideas and ways to improve the basement setting.

    Wall to Wall Mats

    As you install safety mats in a basement area, the interlocking feature of the mats allows you to expand the mats in multiple directions. Once all the mats are laid out, you will have a wall-to-wall floor of safety mats.
    Because the mats are connected, you do not need to worry about them slipping, moving position, or curling up when you step on them. The whole floor will feel stable and connected as you walk across the mats and use them for various purposes. The added thickness of the mats provides a lot of extra cushion rather than stepping on the concrete floor.
    No matter what you use your basement for, when you go to the area barefoot, walking will be a lot more comfortable and relaxing than on the cold concrete floor.

    Workout Area

    A home is an ideal area to set up workout equipment. A basement typically has the proper room and space for various machines including a workout bench, treadmill, or elliptical machine. Safety mats provide a durable surface for the workout equipment and multiple benefits while you train.
    Sweat and water do not create a slippery surface on the mats, giving you the ability to exercise and have high-intensity workouts without worrying about the floor surface. The mats also offer grip on the machines themselves. For example, workout benches will not slide when you try to use them.

    Children's Playrooms

    For many families, a basement area offers a large space ideal for a children's playroom. The open space gives children room for toys, role-playing activities like play kitchens, and entertainment options like a television. Having children run around a cement floor isn't the safest option.
    Durable safety mats are often used in areas like parks and playgrounds, making the mats an ideal option for a basement floor. The extra grips help prevent children from falling, but other benefits are associated with the safety mat as well.
    When children have snacks or drinks in the playroom, the safety mats will not stain or get dirty due to spills. The mats are easy to clean and feature free draining areas so liquids do not easily spread around or make a large mess. A vacuum cleans the surface of the mats while a carpeted basement may have issues with dirt and stains.
    The durable nature of the mats also prevent any wear and tear associated with walking, running, and daily play on the mats. Even after years of use, the mats will feel and look new in the basement setting.

    Laundry Room Area

    The ability to handle spills, water, and wetness makes the safety mats and ideal flooring option for basement laundry rooms. Adding a laundry area to a basement is common in many homes. The area may also include a large wash sink or folding area.
    Keep all of these areas safe with safety mats. As you load and unload clothes, the grip of the mats offers stability while any water spillage drains through the mats.
    No matter what you use your basement for, our safety mats at Mat Factory will help you cover your basement and provide a lot of valuable uses within your home. Contact us today for more information on our various products.