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    Employee Safety: How Mats Can Help and Other Tips

    Doormat In Office

    Employers have a legal imperative to protect their employees' health and safety. Occupational health and safety practices can help you improve your reputation as an employer and attract the best staff. Prioritizing your employees' well-being can also help to boost productivity and profitability. Here are a few tips to help you keep your workplace safe and conducive to your workers.

    OSHA Regulations

    According to OSHA standards, employers are primarily responsible for ensuring the safety and health of their workers. One way to comply with these standards is to maintain a clean and dry floor surface in every workroom. If your business involves the use of wet processes, manage the drainage system properly and, where practicable, provide safety mats, platforms, false floors, or dry standing surfaces.

    Install Non-Slip Rubber Mats

    Non-slip rubber mats can minimize costly and potentially fatal slip-and-fall accidents in the workplace. To prevent accidents, you should install non-slip rubber mats in areas where the floor is often covered in slippery materials such as water, grease, powder, or wood dust.
    All kinds of weather can increase the risk of workplace accidents. So place high-quality all-weather mats at entrance points and along corridors to trap dirt and moisture to prevent slippage as people enter and walk around in your facility. Entry mats also prevent the spread of water and dirt, allowing you to maintain high hygiene standards in your facility.

    Use Anti-Fatigue Mats

    When employees are physically tired, they become prone to accidents. Install anti-fatigue mats to prevent tired feet from increasing the risk of accidents in the workplace. These mats are designed to minimize the tension and strain on the body that results from long hours of standing.
    Anti-fatigue mats are ergonomically designed for comfort, to insulate against cold floors, and to minimize slippage. In addition to curtailing injuries, anti-fatigue mats are lightweight, easy to clean, and are oil and grease resistant. Install these mats to provide overall comfort in the workplace and to boost employee morale and productivity.

    Invest in Bevel Edged Mats

    Regular thick and cushiony carpeting can increase the risk of tripping. In place of this, consider installing mats with beveled edges to reduce slip and falls and to make it easy to roll items such as carts and wheelchairs over the floor surface.
    Bevel-edged mats are low profile and make it easy for employees and guests to safely and comfortably step on and off the mat. For increased safety, find mats that are slip-resistant on both sides.

    Use Anti-static Floor Mats

    Heavy electrical equipment can create a build-up of static electricity. This can damage the equipment and jeopardize workers' safety. Anti-static mats deflect static electricity before a worker touches sensitive equipment or surfaces. Install good quality anti-static mats close to equipment to prevent electrostatic discharge from endangering employees and causing equipment failure.
    Static electricity magnetizes surfaces, which can cause an accumulation of harmful dust and dirt on equipment. Invest in anti-static mats to keep surfaces clean for a healthier workplace.

    Employee Training

    In addition to making your floors safe, find a qualified professional to train employees on workplace safety. Training is one of the OSHA safety requirements, and it equips your employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to protect equipment and facilities and mitigate unintentional injuries and death.
    Slip-and-fall accidents are a major concern for businesses. These incidences and any ensuing lawsuits can put a significant dent in your operations, but you can prevent them by enhancing the safety of workroom floors. Using appropriate mats is one way to boost safety.  
    At Mat Factory, we have innovative matting solutions that can help you comply with federal standards and, more importantly, keep your employees safe, healthy, and motivated. Call us today to find out about safety mats for your facility.