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    Reasons to Install Pool Mats

    When people hear the term pool mats, they automatically assume that pools are the only place these mats can be used. However, pool mats are non-slip and easy to clean, designed to guide water away from their surface and can be used in any place that has heavy foot traffic and water.
    Some of the most common slip and fall accidents happen in the home when people are entering and exiting their tub or shower. The addition of slippery soap to water and bathroom surfaces increases the danger. Installing a pool mat on the surfaces that are most prone to slippage can eliminate the risk.
    Anyone who has ever come in from the rain knows that at times, the entryway surfaces can be slippery. It is for this very reason that most people and businesses have welcome mats. Pool mats are perfect for these entryways since they are porous and funnel water away from the surface of the mat.
    Stairs are notorious hazards, regardless of whether they are wooden, laminate or upholstered. Installing pool mats on stairs and stair landings improve traction, reducing the likelihood of slipping on the steps.
    Pool mats are versatile and can be placed on a surface that is potentially slippery. For more on some great pool mat products to use anywhere, call Mat Factory, Inc. at 323-254-6165.