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    Safety Mats for Your HealthCare Facility

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    Does your nursing home or assisted living facility offer outdoor areas for guests and patients? If so, you can add an outdoor safety deck, or mats, as a way to boost the appeal and usefulness of your facility grounds. Read on to find out how outdoor safety mats benefit your facility, your staff, and especially your residents in wheelchairs.

    Frees Up Staff

    When residents who use wheelchairs wish to venture outside, they may need to be accompanied by a nurse or other staff member. Additional help might be needed to push a wheelchair safely along wet or bumpy ground.
    Strategically placed safety mats allow access to areas normally blocked by grass, dirt, and gravel where a wheelchair cannot go without assistance. Safety mats free up staff when residents are able to safely wheel themselves outdoors. This allows staff to dedicate their time elsewhere in the facility.

    Increase Facility Selling Points

    Some care centers boast deluxe accommodations, indoor activities, gourmet meals, and other events. Potential customers look for living centers that feel like home, satisfy their residents, and stimulate patients.  You make your facility more marketable and appealing when you increase the perks that your facility offers.
    Potential residents will consider your facility because you offer safe access to outdoor areas or areas with access to nature. Safe mats along walkways guarantee no one slips while they enjoy a sunny afternoon and cheerful flowers. Additionally, you can place safety mats on grass or dirt to access nature areas normally out of reach of wheelchairs.

    Improve Patient Health

    Access to outdoor areas improves both the mental and physical health of patients.
    Mental Health
    You can help your patients have better mental health when you give them access to the outdoors. Here's how patients benefit when they are outside and surrounded by trees, flowers, grassy areas, fountains, and other garden features:
    • Exposure to the outside, no matter what time of year, lessens the severity of Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. Patients feel less sadness, anxiety, or exhaustion when they spend time outdoors.
    • Studies show patients feel less pain when they are exposed to sunlight.
    The smell of flowers, cut grass, and other outdoor aromas also help patients feel calm and more relaxed.
    Physical Health
    Patients' physical health also improves while the patients are outside. Here's how:
    • People feel more like exercising once they are outside. A reluctant patient may be encouraged to walk around more once they step outside.
    • A large portion of Vitamin D is acquired from sunlight.  Patients soak up valuable Vitamin D, a nutrient necessary to help prevent osteoporosis, when they venture outside.
    • Patients in wheelchairs strengthen their hand, arm, and other muscles when they are free to wheel themselves around more often.
    Outdoor safety mats provide access for patients whether they are in a wheelchair or not. Now all residents have access to better physical and mental health when they can go outdoors.

    Enhances Outdoor Safety

    Outdoor paths and walkways can increase the likelihood of trips and falls. Uneven bricks or pavers, loose gravel, mud, ice, water, and other obstacles get in the way of unsteady feet as well as the most sure-footed walker. If you want visitors and patients to access outdoor areas, they risk a trip or fall.
    The installation of outdoor safety mats makes outside strolls safer. The non-slip rubber design is less slippery after rain or sprinklers. Because the mats rest on top of surfaces like dirt and grass, mud is no longer a problem. A smooth surface allows wheelchairs to roll unimpeded.

    In the event a patient falls from a wheelchair or while using a walker or cane, safety mats are there to provide an impact absorbent surface.

    Gardens, nature paths, and other outdoor features can become a valuable part of your health care facility when you add safety mats. Visit us at Mat Factory for more information about how you can implement safety mats at your facility.