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    Stocking Warehouse in Los Angeles. Serving the Entire Country.




    Sourcing the best swimming pool and weight room mats in USA


    Mat Factory without a doubt provides users with easy to install, perfectly prepared mats in the country for every occasion and terrain. Swimming Pool Mats in USA Previously considered as a dangerous area, today swimming pool mats in USA are a safety measure adopted by many clubs and poolside areas to avoid accidents due to slippage.


    Why should we use ADA compliant mats?


    ADA – stands for ‘American Disabilities Act’, which states that it is unlawful to discriminate an individual on the basis of their disability and that they are fully eligible to be employed by the public and private sector companies. The law is considered as a landmark civil rights victory in American history. A revolutionary piece of legislation, the ADA bestows equity to the growing number of disabled persons in the population of the United States and breaks barriers to employment, which is usually encountered by many Americans with disabilities.