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    Boats and ships are a way of life for marines, and they are also one of the highest areas of a potential hazard. It is essential that the right deck mats are to be used in order to prevent accidents.  It is only prudent to use non-slip deck materials, especially in hazardous areas. The Safety Deck III is a highly regarded product, which is versatile and considered as one of the best marine and naval use mats in California. Also, used in many of our nations aircraft carriers in the weight room area. 
    In the navy, it is common for surfaces to get wet and slippery, since the ships are constantly in water. In such situations, the chances of accidents are high. The Safety Deck III is slip-resistant and it is made with fire-retardant material, and the mats provide your naval force with a safe working environment. The mats can be modeled into any size or shape and can have a compound that is formulated with anti-microbial properties to eliminate bacteria, mold and mildew.  It reduces condensation under the deck lids. The Safety Deck III is designed to
    1.) They sink in water
    2.) Provide comfort and anti-fatigue for those standing for a long period of time
    3.) Secured and high-level traction surface designed for Naval ships.
    The mats are environment-friendly and keep the unwanted waste material out of the landfills. 
    Mat factory’s Safety Deck III mats are U.S. Navy Fire Test MIL-STD 1623 tested and by far are the best marine and naval use mats in California.