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    Understanding How to Build an ADA Safety Deck

    For people with mobility issues, getting around can be difficult. Providing your loved ones or visitors with easy access to your property can make your home or business inviting to individuals who use wheelchairs.
    Ramps - Ramps can allow those who would have difficulties using stairs to reach higher levels on a wheelchair. The slope of the ramp should not be too steep that an individual will have a difficult time to move up the ramp. Handrails that are easily reachable on both sides can also be crucial in order to give a person using a wheelchair something to grab on to. It can also be extremely important that there is enough space on the top for the wheelchair to be able to maneuver in the direction it needs to go.
    The deck - The wheels should move comfortably on the surface of the ramp, which is usually referred to as the deck. A great way to accomplish this is by installing safety mats. These mats are commonly made of rubber and may provide a grip for the wheelchair. The mats may also allow water to be drained easily. Therefore, they typically won’t be slippery even after it rains. As a result, these mats can work well on outside ramps or any type of surfaces that you want to make accessible to wheelchair users.
    Making your home or business safe and accessible to individuals who use wheelchairs can bring many benefits and is easily achievable with these considerations. Call Mat Factory, Inc. at 323-254-6165 to learn more about ADA safety decks.