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    Uses for Safety Mats in Your Restaurant

    Restaurant Kitchen

    The introduction of safety mats in your restaurant provides a safer and cleaner environment for both your patrons and your employees. The information below educates you on the most important places you want to have safety mats installed in your restaurant and why safety mats are so important.

    Install Safety Mats in the Entrance Lobby

    Place a safety mat in the entrance lobby to prevent patrons from tracking grease, dirt, and other debris into the dining area. Cut down on dirt brought in from outside, which allows staff to focus on other tasks instead of cleaning the dining area constantly. Safety mats should be cleaned on both sides regularly to ensure they continue keeping the dining area clean, instead of posing health hazards themselves.

    Safety mats in the entrance lobby are important if your restaurant has hard flooring. On rainy or snowy days, patrons track in water. Without a safety mat to help dry off their shoes, the patrons can easily slip and fall inside of your establishment.

    While wet floor signs can help warn patrons of slippery conditions, you may still face lawsuits if a patron can prove you were negligent with regards to not taking appropriate steps to dry the floors.

    The safety mats used in the lobby entrance should have sloping edges so patrons don't trip and fall on the edge of the mats. Safety mats with sloping edges also are more accessible to patrons with a range of accessibility needs.

    Install Safety Mats Behind the Bar

    If your restaurant has a bar, place safety mats behind the bar to keep your serving staff safe from injuries. When your bartenders quickly mix drinks and throw ice into glasses, water and liquor gets on the floor and creates hazardous conditions.

    A safety mat on hard flooring is the best choice for the area behind your bar. Carpet behind the bar quickly becomes dirty due to all the little spills that happen daily and lead to the area becoming dirty.

    Regular vacuuming isn't adequate when it comes to cleaning up the regular stains from liquid spills. Instead, the area requires expensive professional steam cleaning regularly and even full carpet and padding replacement often to keep up with the dirt. Steam cleaning removes the stains off the surfaces, but dirt will remain in the padding and come back to the surface due to regular walking on the carpet.

    Having rubber safety mats on the floor behind the bar cushions any dropped bottles or glassware that land on the floor. For every bottle of alcohol and every glass that is saved by the safety mats, you save money.

    Install Safety Mats in the Kitchen

    The kitchen is a dangerous place with many risks for your staff. Water, grease, and food end up on the floor and become a slipping hazard. The danger this poses is further enhanced by the sharp or hot objects staff may have in their hands when they slip and fall. Also, carrying large dishes prevents staff from seeing wet spots and food on the floor.

    Due to the connecting design feature of safety mats, you can easily disconnect the mats from one another to properly clean them outside one by one. While the mats are drying, the floor can be mopped.

    Get Set Up With the Right Mats for Your Restaurant's Needs

    Contact us now to discuss your restaurant's safety mat needs. We help you determine which styles serve your needs the best and set you up with the right ones for your restaurant. Our technicians understand the wide range of needs your restaurant has and recommend the ideal combination of safety mats to reduce hazards and improve your restaurant's productivity.