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    Erosion control mats


    Depending on the conditions of your location, erosion control problems need to be addressed by products that are reliable and diverse and those that can handle the environment in that location. Erosion control mats can stabilize areas such as construction sites, lakes, restoration projects, etc. Floods rushing down the hillside or droughts caused due to dust storms can lead to soil erosion. A global problem, soil erosion is considered as one of the most spectacular natural occurring due to its stunning results. For example, the Grand Canyon is a result of soil erosion. Soil erosion control becomes a necessity when the redistribution of soil does not take place as predicted. Erosion control mats that are made out of PVC Geotextiles are an extremely effective solution.

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    National Park Mats in California


    National parks are important for the preservation of our landscapes. Mat Factory provides ADA compliant national park mats for sidewalks and pathways in the area that meets all your requirements, at an extremely affordable price.

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    Child Care Safety Mats


    The safety of children in daycare is of primary concern for the preschool owners, as well as for parents. It is a smart decision to equip areas with Mat Factory’s child care safety mats to minimize the obvious risk of injury due to slips and falls.

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