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    Eco-Friendly Playground Safety Mats in Los Angeles

    Safety Deck II Mats

    A revolutionary new breakthrough in environmental grass surfaces! The only 100 percent recycled mat product in the United States that returns in its “new life” to create a natural green environment.
    With 70 percent of playground injuries resulting from falls off equipment onto unforgiving surfaces, the type of surfacing installed is very important to your children’s safety.

    Safety Deck II Mats and playground surface mats are suited to a number of applications and specifically designed for protecting all turf/grass areas which are subjected to continuous wear and tear.

    The special non-slip surface, complete with its own drainage system and impact absorbent understructure, ensures maximum protection underfoot.

    The unique design of Safety Deck II mats actually enhances and promotes grass growth in areas of high pedestrian traffic, such as gateways, pathways, sporting venues and any other area suffering from erosion due to heavy foot traffic.

    Safety Deck II is excellent for grass retention. Again, the specific design actually enhances and promotes grass growth in high-density foot traffic areas such as walkways. Drainage efficiency is also enhanced by the use of Safety Deck II in both these situations.

    Safety Deck II is easily laid, aesthetically appealing and environmentally friendly because it is manufactured from recycled PVC and recycled rubber.

    Features That Create the 'Safety Deck II' Difference

    • Unique locking system means no steel security clips required.
    • Plastic recessed security spikes means no metal present.
    • Five interlocking fixing lugs provide quick and strong joint connections.
    • Special edge ramps available with unique male/female fixings – no loose lugs required.
    • Sizing of 500mm x 500mm (20"x 20") x 25mm (1") height means easy stacking for transportation and quick laying advantages.
    • Special design structure gives a safety fall height of up to 12 feet!
    • Self-draining design assists natural draining.
    • Aesthetically pleasing non-slip surface designed to blend in with the environment.
    • Maximum day light area for optimum grass growth.
    • Special understructure provides maximum load bearing properties. 

    Playground Safety Mats

    Click here to read about Safety Deck II’s unique and distinguishing qualities.

    How It Works

    1. Safety Deck II mats are designed for optimum grass growth, encouraging grass to grow easily through holes in the mat.
    2. The Safety Deck II mats sit above ground level protecting the grass roots.
    3. A mesh underlay ensures the mat does not subside into the soil.
    4. The soil stays firm and undisturbed, promoting healthy grass growth.

    Safety Deck II Mats are manufactured from recycled rubber and PVC, not only are they aesthetically appealing but also environmentally friendly.

    Safety Deck II Installation

    Safety Deck II Mats can be installed on to an existing grass base or any prepared site with either turf or quality grass seed.
    The site is then covered with a mesh underlay which provides a foundation, to prevent the mats from subsiding into the soil.
    The interlocking system is easy to fit. Security spikes are placed around the perimeter using the recessed holes provided (approximately 3 per mat) This also gives added protection from vandalism.

    After just a few weeks, the grass will permeate the matting system.

    Note: Full installation instructions are available upon request.


    Once the grass is established, it can be mowed as required with most types of grass cutters.

    Note: Liberal and frequent watering is essential for optimum grass growth.

    Disclaimer & Acknowledgment of Disclosure

    It is specifically acknowledged by the purchaser that they have been advised, subsequent to the installation of Safety Tred/Safety Deck II, that continuing normal maintenance and watering are required to insure proper grass and lawn care. Purchaser acknowledges that the enclosed product is not a substitute or replacement for proper lawn maintenance and lawn watering. Purchaser acknowledges that failure to properly maintain and water the underlying grass foundation will affect the function of the product as it relates to "Safe Fall Heights."

    Purchaser specifically acknowledges that manufacturer and its agents are not responsible for the continuation of grass growth. If purchaser either fails to continue normal watering or in any way alters the drainage pattern established by the holes in the product itself. Any form of debris or sand which results in the openings of the product becoming clogged will result in damage to the underlying grass foundation.

    Registered Design No. 24723