These are photographs of Elysian Park in Los Angeles, which was matted using Safety Deck II, our interlocking tile system. Made from recycled tires, Safety Deck II creates natural grass environments ranging from wheelchair access trails over natural grass to playgrounds and vehicle use.

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Effective January 1, 2000, the American Disability Act (ADA), will be enforced. The Safety Deck II system is the only recycled product in the United States that returns in its “new life” to create a natural green environment. The mat provides a non-barrier access for wheelchairs over grass surfaces. Its drainage system provides accessibility at all times and protects the wheelchair user from becoming mired in soft mud after rain or watering.

The Safety Deck II can provide you with many uses without damaging your environment. It’s the only system that can, at any time, be disassembled and reinstalled in another area of need arises.

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