Safety Tred II Mats are used in a wide variety of situations that help people standing for long periods of time. Just some of the applications include:

Industrial: Engineering shops, motor assembly plants, food processing plants, dairy sheds, ship decks, cool stores, electroplating plants, meat industries and oil drilling rigs.

Commercial: Shops, supermarket checkouts, fast food outlets, bank teller areas, ramps, horse trailers and stables, schools, entrance ways, kitchens, vehicle utility decks and cattle trailers.

Recreational: Gymnasiums, pleasure boats, swimming pool surrounds, changing rooms, shower cubicles, golf courses and areas where grass retention is important.

Household: Doormats, shower trays, walkways, garden sheds, glass houses, private spa, sauna, patios, and verandah floors.

Safety Tred II ® mats are specifically designed to provide a comfortable and safe standing area for people who are required to work, or play, on hard surfaces for long periods at a time. The mats minimize the health hazards associated with standing on cold hard surfaces, causing foot and leg muscle strain, back pains and varicose veins resulting in unnecessary discomfort and absenteeism. The mats are free draining and keep the user dry though the floor area may be very wet. The mat is of robust design and made from materials that have excellent insulating properties.


Safety Deck/Safety Tred beveled nosing is compatible with all of the tile edges to prevent tripping. Simply snap the ramps on the tile edging.


Dimensions: Normal size of 500 mm x 500 mm x 25 mm high. Ramp dimensions 500 mm x 100 mm x 25 mm high (20″ x 4″ x 1″ at highest point).

Material: Recycled P.V.C. and recycled Rubber with UV protection. (Rubber content only in Black mats). Plasticized to a shore hardness of 67-80 shore A. Colors: Available in Black, Green, U.S. Blue, Air Force Blue, White, Grey, Yellow, Orange and Brick (as indicated on left). Other colors can be manufactured to order (minimum order 500 pieces).

Tests: Safety Tred II ® Mats have a fall height test on concrete of 600 mm (23.5 inches). Telarc registered test reports are available upon request.

Load Capacity: The safe working load on the mats laid on a rigid base is 2700 lbs per sq. inch.

Temperature: Safety Tred II ® Mats are suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -30 C (-22 F) to +90 C (184 F). Mat size increases 0-30 C (86 F): 1 mm (1/32″) and from 0-50 C (122 F) 2 mm (1/16″). Ramp increase as for mats.

Weight: Mat weight is 2.5 kgs (5.52 lbs.). Weight per box of 10 = 25 kgs (55.25 lbs.). Ramp weight is 650 grams (1.44 lbs.). Weight per box of 8 = 5.2 kgs (12 lbs.).

Packaging: Safety Tred II ® Mats are packed 10 per box, carton size 605 mm x 585 mm x 130 mm (24″ x 23″ x 5″). Ramps are packed 8 per box. Carton size is 510 mm x 200 mm x 65 mm (20″ x 8″ x 2.5″).

Shipping: A 20 feet container accommodates 7200 Safety Tred II ® packed in 720 cartons. The total product weight is 18,000 kgs. (39,780 lbs.).


Safety Tred II ® Mats are an interlocking mat system that is easy to install, each mat having five lugs that effectively lock one to another. The mats should be installed on a hard surface that has first been prepared to the required levels. The mats are always laid with the lugs away from the installer so that each mat is overlaying the other. The mats are easily cut to suit site dimensions with a sharp saw or jigsaw. Mats should have an 8mm (5/16″) gap around fixed objects and edges to allow for expansion and contraction. For additional security, the lugs can be glued using an approved P.V.C. pipe bonding cement. Ramp tiles that clip to the edge of the mats are available upon request and can be used for securing the mats through fixing holes provided.